Access Control

Access control installer of keypads, proximity reader, proximity fobs and token.

Standalone Access Control

Standalone Access Control offers a simple & affordable way to control security at your premises. Lost or unreturned tokens can be barred saving time and money on new keys and replacing locks. Standalone equipment can be keypad or proximity, with the intelligence of the controller stored within the access units memory make standalone access control more affordable when used with few users and doors controlled.

Networked Access Control

Computer based access control is easy to use and program from your desktop PC or laptop. Networked access control allow for greater programming and functions. Such as:

Record Time & Attendance

Timed variable access which can be different for every user

Zones to segregate users from having free passage around all areas to limited areas.

Networked systems are generally cheaper to keep operating when there are larger numbers of users. Visitors can be given tokens that expire daily or at a specified time.


We offer a range of different lock types to suit every application. We offer fail safe and fail secure locks for Interior & External locking:

  • Maglock / Electromagnetic Lock / Magnetic Lock – offer a fail safe electronic lock
  • Strike Locks, provide a neat & clean solution to electronic locking
  • Shear Lock / Magnetic Shear Lock – Provides extra security by inserting pins into the lock housing creating the shear point.
  • Electric Bolt Lock / Electric Dead Bolt- commonly used locks making them compatible with many applications

Access Credentials

We offer a range of different credentials – tokens, cards, keypads & Intercoms to give control to movements within your building to authorised or unauthorised persons / staff:

 Proximity Readers:

  • Access Keyfobs / Tokens
  • Access Keycards
  • Access Watchprox


  • Individual codes available for each user
  • A cost effective management system

Biometrics – high security with a personal touch:

  • Fingerprint
  • Retina scan
  • Handscanning

Keyless & Handsfree (using wireless technology, having a valid token about your person provides access. Very Helpful for disabled users and DDA compliance) When used internally it allows authorised people to move freely through doors when carry boxes or other objects requiring handsfree.

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